Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something old. ish.

This is something I did for last term for Illustration. It is in "le style Mucha" with some Celtic elements. I realize the designs around the edges suck, and the type sucks, but I hadn't taken typography at that point, hahah. It's done in watercolour/gouache, and I halfassed it the weekend before it was due because I lanned world of warcraft the entire time AND was sick ontop of that, and I went to bed at 2am and got up at 4am to finish it before school. IT WAS A GRAND TIME.

Also I had a FUCK of a time trying to get the segments to line up in photoshop (the actual size is like 20x16 or something) from when I scanned it in pieces. I don't know why but some areas were warped which meant I had to free transform it, and I eventually got sick of things never lining up because once I lined one thing up, another thing would disalign. So this is as good as the scan's gonna get, I'm afraid. Haha.

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justine pulles. said...

OMG THIS IS AMAZING!! SERIOUSLY. Beautiful!!!!! wow.. I'm impressed, it's like that one you did that's framed in your living room.. I can't stop looking at this stuff you do, the style is so you. I want one like this style of a hot chick centaur! Would be so awesome!