Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blargh;;; the route to Egyptian mythology.

So I was really happy with this before I coloured it.

It's a "route to" something project we had in school (in my case I did the route to Egyptian mythology) and we had to find something to emulate or inspire us. I decided to use Josh Cochran because he is rad. It took me a long time to do the linework and I was really happy with it, but I didn't think to scan it or anything before I started on it with the markers, and I was... less than satisfied with the result, so I fiddled in Photoshop a bit and think I may have managed to salvage it a bit by massively tweaking the colours and blending in the smudgy lineart with a papyrus texture.

What do you guys think? I think the only part I like is the Anubis. Because he has dimension, and I like the way I stylized his face. Too bad it got mauled by dark purple marker.

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justine pulles. said...

I actually thought it looked like papyrus before I read the description :D And I wondered how you did it.. I think you matched that guy's style really well, I don't know why you're so unhappy with it, it looks awesome! Sure, markers/pen may have gone blah, but even if that's the case, it still looks amazing, and trial and error right? Now you know! KEEP TRUCKIN! I wanna see the original! And more stuff :D