Monday, June 16, 2008

Another experiment.

Another OC3 experiment, this time of some sort of prehistoric fish-man based on a concept from a novel my friend is writing. Or about to write.

I realize the colours are really shitty, but I will get better at it, I swear XD And I have to get the lineart more clean looking too... but I was kinda lazy this time anyway, so eh. It looks kinda half finished the way it is but I got bored D:


justine pulles. said...

i love your colourings!! even if to you they're just practice, you jerk. ps. i jumanji was on tv today, and the cop guy's name was carl. and every time someone radioed him it was like 'carl? carl? pick up carl?'..

Jakface said...

It's so crazy fishy creepy! I loves it! the colors aren't crappy, I love how it blends with the bg.