Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NiGHTS into dreams... by counting sheep

So, this is what I get when I combine NiGHTS' jester hat with ram horns (which I'm obsessed with incase you couldn't tell already.) and the idea of counting sheep as a method of falling asleep. I love it when things I think about suddenly align into an idea for a picture. :D

This was done with Oekaki ShiPainter Pro, which is a really nifty little applet. I'm impressed with the programming in that one, seems like it must've taken awhile to develop... it works like a pocket-browser version of Adobe. Pretty awesome. :D

In other news: I got an interview with the college I applied to. They want to put me into 2nd year right off the bat. Don't know why, but I assume it's so that they can try and fit as many students into the program as possible, and they think my work is of high enough caliber that I'd be able to fit into 2nd year. Not sure if that's actually the case, but I'm flattered if it is, although I'm not sure I'd want to head straight into 2nd year. I wanted to go to the program for the fine arts studies in 1st year, as I believe it would help me develop my fundamental skills, so missing out on that first year will not only leave me at a disadvantage if I was to enter in 2nd year, not knowing what to expect, and not attending 1st year would also have me miss out on some important learning and development opportunities. If anything I'd want to go just for the experience and practice, so I'll see what they have to say about this when I talk to them in the interview. I just hope they'll at least give me the option of choosing 1st year as well, if I want.

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Jakface said...

AKSBNDASJKLfhaslkfj that is so freaking cute! It looks like an illustration in a Kids book!!!! Baaa raaam ewwwwwwe.