Monday, April 21, 2008

IDEA portfolio.

So, I recently handed in my portfolio to the IDEA program at Cap College, the program I'll hopefully be going into for this September... I'm not sure if my stuff is good enough to get me in, but I really hope it is. Here's everything I had in there.

This next one is the one that really killed me. It was basically the last one I finished and I had to rush it, sorta. I did end up handing in the portfolio on the first of the three days you could hand it in, so I wasn't doing it REEEALLY last minute, but it was kinda hurried. But I thought I did pretty good considering those circumstances, and also the fact that it's my first real finished gouache painting, so I took some detail shots as well.

Pinecones, lulz. This'll be the 101th picture of a pinecone they'll receive, I'm sure...

This is a portrait of my friend Claire I did for her mom to replace the one that was lost when she moved. I think it's a lot better compared to the original one she had, which didn't show her face and was also done in grade 12. :P Apparently it looks like her too, which is cool.

And here's some life drawings. lol filler.

I reeeeeally hope I get in. Argh. I don't know if those are enough pieces. I hope they are. D:


Anonymous said...

Holy Mother Fucker.

That's all I can say. Clearly I wasn't even allowed to stand in line for the artistic talent thing. hahahha

Congrats on having finished- that alone is pretty exciting.

Sending happy thoughts for your acceptance!


steph said...

THANKS BAGEL. :D You're teh best! <3

justine pulles. said...

i think you did awesome!!!! <3 beautiful jorb.