Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is going to be used as the title graphic for my website once I'm not lazy and get it up and running, which will hopefully be over the summer sometime. This was done as a "personal banner" for english class.

This is a CD cover I made for english again for a fictional band (named after a Buckethead song, lululululz) and it's not finished. I am going to finish it eventually, but for now you get the half finished version. I actually put effort into it because I wanted to get some sort of personal development out of it, whereas the second image, the back, was made in 5 minutes with an image I yanked off google. Ironically my teacher liked the back a lot more than the front. :P

Anddd a fake bubble tea restaurant menu. I had limited space to put stuff on the menu, so I know it's missing a lot of awesome flavours, but that's all I got. XD

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