Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tagger's Tag

Yoyo and Beat from Jet Set Radio Future, playing Tagger's Tag. Yoyo is being a little shit, as usual. ("WHO DA MAAAAN?!" omg shut up) I'm replaying the game right now so it inspired me. I wanna do a similar one with Rhyth and Cube.

This was more or less me fiddling with Adobe and experimenting, figuring out how to paint in it. I bet I could get really good at it if, again, I practiced. The thing is, I really need to work on seeing my work from an overall, big picture point of view, because I tend to work zoomed in a lot and things lose their shape and end up wonky, which is why some parts of this look weird.

I also need to learn how to define the lines more and give it more depth using colour, etc. Yeah. Still has a lot of improvement that could be done.

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