Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Disneyland Doodles.

I just got back from Disneyland a few days ago, and while I was there, I felt like drawing the whole time from being bombarded with so many cartoons and art. It was pretty cool, kind of inspirational or something, so here's some doodles I did while I was there.

Me and Justine, sitting at a restaurant downstairs in Critter Country. This is actually what we were doing at the time of the drawing, it's an accurate life portrait.

Ahh, Ariel. One of my favourite Disney characters, and my long lost twin or something.

Me and Justine sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for our shuttle to arrive to take us to the airport. Again with the accurate life portrait. And that face behind Justine's head is Buzz Lightyear, in case you were wondering. Figure out what's sitting in my bag next to me, and you get a present.

And here's an emoman that I drew for Justine, because she loves them so much. I can't take credit for the ingenious quote in the thought bubble though, Justine came up with that one. Sorry if it's offensive. Because, you know, the guitar looks really shitty and some hardcore guitar fans might get pissed that I drew such a shitty one. *ahem*


Jakface said...

I love all the pictures. Ariel is soooo well drawn! :D
the portraits of you are hilarious. OMG IS THAT A HUGE CHESHIRE CAT PLUSHIE!?!?!?

justine pulles. said...

hahahahahahahha.. yes.